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Diploma in Dog Grooming

Study Dog Grooming online with us

Do you want to improve your knowledge of dog grooming?

If you love the idea of working with dogs, or if you want to learn how to care for your own dog at home, then this is the course for you!

Dog grooming has become a huge industry over the last few years, and is now worth just under five million pounds in the UK, and with the average brit spending £95 a month on their furry friend, there has never been a better time to become a Dog Groomer. So, if you want to turn your passion into a lucrative business, why not take this Diploma in Dog Grooming?

This Diploma in Dog Grooming has been created by experts within the dog grooming industry, who will take you through comprehensive training, covering fundamental topics such as: Dog Breeds, Coat Types, The Grooming Process, Techniques & Handling. In total there are 12 modules to complete.

Module 1 Dog Breeds

Module 2 Coat Types

Module 3 Equipment

Module 4 Blade Care

Module 5 Parasites

Module 6 Diseases & Health Conditions

Module 7 Health Checks

Module 8 The Grooming Process

Module 9 Techniques & Handling

Module 10 Breed Styles

Module 11 Health & Safety

Module 12 Dog Grooming Resources

  • Diploma in Dog Grooming £150

Level 3 Canine First Aid


This is the perfect course for anybody working in the animal care industry who needs to hold a Canine first Aid certificate as it is Fully accredited by OCN likewise this is also strongly recommended for pet owners who do not know what to do should an emergency at home occur…

By enrolling on our First Aid Course today you will gain the knowledge and understanding of Canine First Aid, including when to call the vet and how to dress wounds. Learning who can administer first aid and the classification of emergencies. You will understand how to assess and examine injured dogs, along with learning how to treat a variety of potential injuries and emergency events e.g. convulsions.


Introduction to First Aid

Examination of an Injured Animal

Artificial Respiration


Haemorrhage (Bleeding)


Insect Stings


Gastric Dilatation or Bloat




First Aid Kits

  • Level 3 Canine First Aid​ £80

Level 3 Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Day-Care & Boarding


Accelerate your Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and Dog boarding business today!! With our Fully accredited course you will learn everything you need to know to complete this Level 3 qualification, and you will proudly be able to display your certificate for all your customers to see.

Pet Sitters perform a wide range of functions for pet owners who may be on holiday or at work and need someone to look after their pets. Job duties include visiting the client’s home and feeding and walking pets during scheduled times. Pet sitters often complete a daily log of feeding times, animal behaviour and any other noteworthy happenings, such as failure to eat. In addition, pet sitters may be asked to stay overnight, or, as needed, to provide companionship and comfort for the pet. Depending on client needs and pet sitter experience, pet sitters may also provide additional services, such as bathing and grooming.

You will learn the basics of canine rules of engagement and working with unfamiliar animals, you will gain an understanding of the roles, responsibilities and requirements for offering a professional dog walking and pet sitting service. The course will cover

Current laws, legislation, code of practice in relation to a dog’s health and welfare, walking a dog safely, responsibilities for staying in a client’s property, understanding the client requirements, and dealing with emergencies.

  • Diploma in Dog Grooming £150